Ubisoft Technical Support – The most ridiculous support I ever seen

As the famous Tactical Shooting Game – Ghost Recon Future Soldier, the voice chat cut out issue being happens from the release of the game, or even when the beta test, I have reported this problem to them.

I remember maybe at 31st August last year, Ubisoft released a patch that “SHOULD” fix this problem, just didn’t work.

I don’t know, I don’t understand how hard can it be to fix a voice chat system, I mean I never faced any game that with a broken voice chat system. Ubisoft released so much game and I guess they already made a lots of game with a working voice chat system, how can they failure this time?

Anyway, I think the problem is not having a bug or not, every game have a lots of issues, the problem is how the company care about the problems.

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YouTube – PS3「仮面ライダー  バトライド・ウォー」ティザームービー.