Ghost Recon Future Soldier: Next

So Ubisoft is planning to make a sequel of this shitty game. This game actually not that bad w/o those connection problem and issues, I mean the concept is good, weapon balance and map design are sucks. As I say before at the community, how can a dev team make a good game when they don’t even play the game themselves.

Anyway, GRFS is dead and Ubisoft is moving on a new one, many GR fans give a lots of ideas for the next game.

There are many suggestion for the next game from the community, may have a check –

Well, I don’t think they will really take any ideas from the community but who knows.

For myself, except those bugs and some overpowered play method, everything seems fine to me, just one more thing if they wanna make a teamwork base MP.

GRFS_MPWalkthrough_video_screentcm1945788 copy

When ever you need to spawn on your teammate who close to the objective will shows a little warning message on his screen, but seems it is too small that many player who got an eyes problem can’t read it, so I will suggest make the message like this –

GRFS_MPWalkthrough_video_screentcm1945788 copy1


So at least now they can read it, I guess.

It just pain of my ass that when you playing with some random and they don’t know what they are doing, and don’t even read anything on the screen. I mean if you are not willing to win a game or play the game, why don’t you just quit and not ruining others? Keep throwing an EMP to a friendly didn’t help anything, but a random friendly just keep throwing EMP on me in a whole match last night. The previous match he was on opponent side, having a score 0 kill 26 death if I remember.

But whatever, hopes the next GRFS will be better, at least please fix the fucking voice chat cut out issue.